Everyone who works in communication knows that it is not about an exact science with recipes that can be applied to any situation, conflict or geography. On the contrary, it is about a particular creation for each case to solve. Of course, with tools, criteria and guidelines, but above all with a lot of dedication, passion and creativity to understand and dive in every project.

Therefore, the diet for the profession is essential: success and failure cases, academic and opinion readings, movies, people, phrases… everything that nourishes and inspires ideas “outside the box”.

In our case we had the honor to share the road for 15 years with one of the greatest professionals that Argentina got to have: Horacio Diez. From architecture to advertising in world class scenarios, in order to later become renowned in strategic communication for the most important companies in the country.

We learnt, shared and inspired from his genius, Intelligence and creativity, as an Account Director and member of INFOMEDIA’s Advisory Board.

This is why we open this inspiration space, sharing some of Horacio’s many phrases and thoughts that left an impression in our team and in everyone who had the joy of meeting him.